Air Experience Flights

In gliding, an Air Experience Flight lets you feel the exhilaration and serenity of gliding, from the take off acceleration and climb, the views, turning to find rising pockets of air (thermals), through to the approach and landing. You’ll even get a turn of controlling the glider yourself.

You will fly in one of the two seater aircraft with a qualified instructor occupying the rear seat.

If you enjoy the flight you may request to join the club to continue training at a reduced price.

Further training allows you to become a solo glider pilot and further, to carry passengers, fly cross-country and/or attend camps and participate in competitions.

Gliding at Richmond is a private operation (non-commercial), and the instruction is provided free of charge.

What is Premium Trial Introductory Flight?

Premium Trial Introductory flight offers longer flying time in one of the most advanced gliders in Australia. Please refer to Premium TIF Flights for details about what to expect.

How to sign up

  1. Notify us about your intentions to have a flight and advise the time you are planing to come at. You can just turn up on the day, but it will help us a lot if you notify us earlier and the wait time will be considerably shorter when we have you on the list.
  2. Contact us 15-30mins before arriving to the pass office. The club is operating on a military base and sign in is required for all visitors at RAAF Richmond Pass Office on Percival St Richmond. A club member will meet you at pass office, sign you in and escort to the field.

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothing. Long sleeved shirt with a collar, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are highly recommended as once you are in the glider, there’s nowhere to hide from the sunlight. Comfortable shoes (something like joggers) are good.
  • We do have chocolate bars and soft drinks for sale and occasionally arrange sausage sizzle. However, for something more serious, like lunch, you would have to drive to either Richmond or Windsor (and again, being checked into the base). If you are planning to spend the whole day on the field, you may want to bring a lunch, snack and water.
  • Please bring cash with you as we don’t have any EFTPOS facilities. Unless arranged earlier, purchase and payment for a TIF is completed airside on the day of attendance.
  • Please make sure you have identification with you (driver license, passport), otherwise you won’t be allowed to enter the base.
  • Camera to capture those moments when you are soaring next to an eagle!

Other notes

  • The Club starts operating at about 9-10am. It may take a while to prepare and check the gliders and tug for the days flying. We are on airfield and ready to fly usually by 11am-12pm and let club members to fly first. Depending on the day you may have to wait considerable time for a flight. If you wish to experience the whole day with all club activities – you are welcome to come as early as 9am and help us with getting the gliders ready and running the operations. If you are considering membership it is highly recommended that you attend for the full day so you get a feel for the club operations. However, if you are just there for a flight, you may want to come in the afternoon, after 12-1pm.
  • There are restrictions on weight. You have to be 110kg or below to be able to fly.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.
  • Want to see what the experience will be like, take a look at the video of Take-Off and Landing on Facebook

Location of RAAF Richmond Pass Office and Front Gate

RAAF Richmond Pass Office is located on Percival St, Richmond NSW 2753. It is off Richmond Rd.