The Club

How the Club Started

The RAAF Richmond Gliding Club was formed in 1962, when a group of interested members took up a collection and bought a Kookaburra trainer. The club expanded and soon required further aircraft. In 1963, a Schweizer two seat glider was purchase from the USA in kit form and assemble by the club. The following year a single seat Schweizer 1-26 was also purchased and built. This aircraft is still being used by the club today and is the only aircraft of its type in Australia. The Schweizer 1-26 is such a classic glider that there are clubs and competitions in the USA specifically devoted to flying this delightful aircraft.

The Club Today

Our fleet has varied over the years as our needs have changed and now consists of a Twin Astir fibreglass medium performance two seat glider and an Astir Standard single seat medium performance glider. We launch our aircraft by aerotow using a Zenith CH640 180HP aircraft.